Calvin Klein Bracelet


Bracelet acier Hook

Calvin klein Smooth Bracelet

Launched in 2004, ck jewelry is the product of an inspirational challenge to the creative teams in Beil and New York. ck jewelry features clean lines and the characteristic curved metal surfaces that makes for a sexy but simple design aesthetic. Eight lines have emerged to give body and shape to the creative impulse. ck yoyo, ck precious, ck ellipse, ck continuity, ck sway, ck hook, ck loop and ck disco present rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings and cufflinks; some are set with diamonds. Materials used are sterling silver, hypoallergenic steel, tinted glass, black agate, resin coating.

Calvin Klein Bawn Gold plated Bracelet

Oscar nominee Amy Ryan looked svelte in a satin midnight blue gown from Calvin Klein. And to top it all - the diamond floral cuff bracelet from Chopard on her wrist.

Silver Calvin Klein Bracelet

Gold Calvin klein Bracelet

Black Calvin Klein Bracelet

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