Goalkeeper with Nice Style

Inter goalkeeper Julio Cesar dives for the ball as Cristiano Ronaldo's free-kick strikes the outside of the post. Photograph: Damien Meyer/AFP/Getty ImagesPreamble Hello. Most football matches are about 22-28 men, a clown who had his head flushed down the toilet at school and is now in possession of a whistle, and a pig's bladder with a logo daubed across it. But tonight's European Cup match between Internazionale and Manchester United is all about the two men on the touchline hiding behind faux-Matalan coats, and especially Jose Mourinho. The bogeyman is back, and he has given huge intrigue to a game that - given how useless Inter have been in Europe for so long - would seem relatively routine for United were anybody else the manager.

Goalkeeper With Nice Style

All About Goalkeeper Glove

Goalkeeper with Nice Style

Goalkeeper with Nice Style

All About Goalkeeper Costume

Goalkeeper performance

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