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Cartier Ring

Beautiful Cartier Ring

Another day, another panther ring! I have been clawing away, trying to find the perfect panther ring to tame my Cartier cravings. A few weeks ago I showed you the Kohl's version that came close to what I wanted.

Flower Design Cartier Ring

This Blue Lily Motif Love Ring with White Gold Startfish set in the heart is made of high quality materials at amazing affordable prices! Several diamonds shining in the center is signifying your dignity and elegance.

Elegant Cartier with Diamond

Luxury Silver Cartier Ring

Sweet Cartier Ring

This Yellow Rectangle Love Ring with White Diamonds set in the heart as a cross is made of high quality materials at amazing affordable prices! The luxurious look of this ring will add much glow to any women.

Cartier Perfume

With such an enviable reputation to maintain, it was not until 1973 that Cartier first put their name to a perfume. The Cartier perfume range has been growing ever since, including not only perfume but also eau de toilette, eau de cologne and Cartier parfume. There are now many different perfumes bearing the Cartier name, which is a guarantee in itself of the quality of the scent.

One such perfume is the Must de Cartier perfume that was introduced in 1996 and has been very popular ever since. It is classed as oriental/spicy due to its soft floral undercurrents and hints of vanilla, and with a life of 6-10 hours after application is ideal for casual, daytime use. 2001 saw an intriguing and exciting development for Cartier, and the world of scent generally; when Cartier took the brave and forward thinking move to introduce Eau de Cartier perfume.

The reason this was a brave and highly effective marketing move was that the scent had been designed for both men and women. Whilst this may seem unusual, it should be remembered that all scents react to one’s own body and develop in a unique way. This is why you should apply scent and allow 10-15 minutes for it to absorb and react before making your choice. With this in mind you can see how a unisex perfume works for each individual in a unique way.

Eau de Cartier perfume has had very favorable reviews as the quality and tradition of the company has been maintained. It is designed be to worn generously, particularly in the daytime, by both men and women, allowing the citrus, lavender, violet and other aromatic elements to mingle freely and give pleasure to all those who pass by.

Another popular and classic fragrance by Cartier is Panthere De Cartier Perfume released in 1986. Most people just call it Cartier Panther perfume. This scent was described in a Cartier perfume review as oriental and floral in nature.

The most powerful scents are of tuberose flower, honey, orange, and animal accents. In addition to these main scents, Cartier Panther has a combination of a very large number of fragrant notes which include ginger, orange blossom, pepper, grapefruit, rose, nutmeg, carnation, iris, gardenia, freesia, jasmine, vetiver, heliotrope, ylang-ylang, narcissus, sandalwood, Tonka bean, amber, patchouli, musk, vanilla, and oak. The bottle is quite distinctive because it has a small carving of a panther on top.

The very first fragrance introduced by Cartier was Must de Cartier perfume released in 1981. This women’s fragrance can be described as having green top notes and woody essences. The Cartier website singles out galbanum, jasmine, and vanilla as being the most important scents in this perfume.

The brand name Cartier is famous for its jewelry, but they also have a line of fragrances. Three brothers named Louise, Pierre, and Jacques founded Cartier. The company is currently the number one jewelry manufacturer in the world and the second largest watchmaker.

Eau de Cartier perfume is a unisex fragrance and the only one of its kind made by Cartier. It is a cheery and lighthearted fragrance with elements of yuzu, a Japanese citrus fruit. Violet leaves, cedar and ambergris also contribute to the overall effect. This Cartier perfume is relatively affordable at $23 - $35 an ounce. It's citrus nature reminds me of Happy perfume for men.

Cartier perfume for women and Cartier perfume for men are oriental scents with touches of vanilla. For this reason, they remind me slightly of Moschino perfumes because those fragrances also are classified oriental and have vanilla as a base note. Perhaps because of the jewelry background,

Cartier Watches for man

Beautiful Design Cartier Watches

Gold Cartier Watches

Cartier Watches Large Medium Small

Cartier Watches with Brown Leather

Silver Cartier Watches

Elegant Cartier Watches

Luxury Silver Cartie Watches

Black Cartier Watches

Outstanding Wedding Gown Design

This designer likes to combine the old style couture with the modern fabrics and techniques and obtain enchanting haute couture wedding dresses that have a special coquette antique inspiration. You can find lots of original and outstanding sleek sexy bridal dresses in Mariana’s collections.

Nowadays the modern bride of 2010-2011 surely has a lot of possibilities to plan the ideal bridal look that she always dreamt of having for the big day. The styles are always changing and the old ones still remain in fashion for a very long time until they are upgraded and revived to new ones that are able to fit more properly with the new preferences and the more modern vision of the contemporary bride.

All About Wedding Gown Design

Contemporary wedding dresses that appear in the recent collections of modern 2010-2011 bridal dresses of famous wedding dress creators of today are incredibly chic, feminine, simple in their sophistication, exquisitely beautiful, dramatically refined, outstanding, flowing, ethereal, light weight, dainty, coquette and soft to the eyes and to the body.

First of all, a short wedding gown chosen is the symbol for modernism influence. I say this due to the fact that such a dress can not have too many decorative details, not such a pretentious and decked out design and surely it means that the bride wants to go with something simple but elegant at the same time, with no accent on an outstanding style.

It is so necessary and important to choose a dress helping you feel most comfortable and confident. Therefore, finding a dress that you like and that flatters your body type is a big matter. Ensure you can sit, walk, bend and lift your arms with no problem. For hour-glass shaped bodies, it is essential to balance the bottom and top-half of the body. It means you should avoid the A-lines or strapless-necked dresses. However, for a petite and slim bride, avoid simple and straight dresses.

Carolina Herrera is a excellent a
nd outstanding designer. Carolina managed to make a simple practical modern wedding dress fit also the romantic delicate and feminine unique bride who needs something to express and show. That is why we get to see Carolina Herrera wedding gowns beautified with all kinds of flowers, ruffles, frills, tiers, layers and overlay.

Nowadays we can browse through many unique and remarkable wedding dresses and choose the one that is able to provide us with everything we need: elegance, refinement, high class and originality. We are here to present you few examples of flattering wedding dresses that nonchalant brides can select for their casual wedding.

Everything has to be subtle, graceful and fine-spun in order to make your wedding dress worthy of being named “flattering”. But the design has many influences on the way the wedding dress makes you feel. If it hugs your body and fits your silhouette like a glove then it’s a flattering wedding dress! Unfortunately many brides are tempted to pick an extravagant wedding dress that only looks remarkable and spectacular on the outside but which doesn’t quite flatter their body shape or their personality.

Victoria Beckham Tattoo

Victoria Caroline Beckham was born April 17, 1974. She is a dancer, model, singer, fashion designer, actress and songwriter. The former spice girl has a bunch of tattoos. One of her tattoos is a design with five stars on her lower back. The stars are a symbolic tribute to her husband and her two sons. Victoria’s tattoo on her back is also a match for the one on her husband’s back. It is a scripture from the book of Solomon 6:3, and 1:3. She has her husband initials DB on her wrist, and the date she and David first become lovers. Her latest tattoo is located on her wrist under the letters DB, it is said to mean “we think”.

Victoria has six or seven tattoos as of now and living up to her Posh nickname she has kept them classy if that makes any sense. Her first tattoo is on her lower back and it is five stars. The five stars represent her, David and their three sons, Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz.

A sleek-looking Victoria struck a series of poses at the meet and greet for fans, and took the opportunity to fully expose the new tattoo as she pointed at the logo for her DVB denim range.

The forth tattoo she has is very self explanatory it is the DB on her wrist which stands for her husband David Beckham. Another of Victoria’s tattoos is located on her wrist under the Roman numerals. However, no one is quite sure what is says. Some have speculated that its reads "De Integra, De Enegra or De Intopa". The last and newest (we think) is another Hebrew script that translates to read 'together forever, eternally' and is located just under the DB tattoo on her left wrist.

Victoria Beckham tattoo star design

All About Victoria Tattoo

Victoria beckham tattoo simple tattoo designs on wrist fit with short hair


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