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How to Wear a Cowboy Hat Properly to vacation in 2011 ?

First of all, when you buy a cowboy hat, the size must fit you well. You can try a hat for several times and ensure that the hat is not too high and uncover your skull or it is too large to plump down. Don’t cover your face. If necessary, you can put some strip of cardboard around your crown to make a hat little smaller.Secondly, the color of the hat must be right for your clothing. If you have decided to wear the black dress, the black or grey hat will be good for you. The cowboy hat is often appropriate for overcoat in spring or fall. Pair one is white, cream or light colors hat with basically any type of shirt are well suited, from a dressy silk to a simple T-shirt. What’s more, jeans play an indispensible role for the cowboy hat. It can serve as a foil to a pretty cowboy hat.

RIDE 'EM, COWBOY! Nick Jonas keeps it cool in a cowboy hat as the Jonas Brothers rock out at the 2009 Houston Rodeo on Sunday afternoon (March 8).

How to Clean a Cowboy Hat

  1. If there are some stains on yourhat, you just sprinkle a bit of cornstarch on it. And let it there for several hours.
  2. Use a soft bristle brush to clean the cowboy hat as gently as possible. After that, you can use a nearly damp towel to rub your hat in a circular and towards the same direction.
  3. Try to use your art eraser or a small make-up sponge to clean the stain if the damp towel or brush is ineffective.

Black Mini Cowboy Hat

How to Waterproof a Cowboy Hat?

When we buy a cowboy hat, we just pay more attention to the fashion style and proper price, but to care for it kindly and tenderly must not be overlooked. We may choose to buy a fedora brand hat because that it is famous for its long use and good shape. With such a hat, you must take good care of it. However, waterproof plays an important role in keeping the hat in good shape.
First of all, you should have a talk with the hat seller about how to keep your hat from water harm. And the local seller would give you some suggestion about the effective materials, such as liquid, glue or some oil. So, you gain a good idea about the waterproof materials.
Then, before applying the waterproof, a very important step is to clear your hat. Don’t need to watch your hat, only use a soft brush to keep the dirty away, because the dirty can affect the waterproof effect.
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Suede Cowboy Hat - Howdy and G'day mate!Whether you are riding the range or crossing the outback this Brown Suede Cowboy hat will add a finishing touch to whatever character you want to be.Rope slingers and crocodile hunters alike can make use of this stylish extra.This item can fit the gents as well as the little ladies. So get along little doggies and watch out for fierce crocs on your journey into the night.
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The thing about cowboy hats is that they can be quite stylish, while simultaneously looking adventurous.

To show you what I mean about how cowboy hats being stylish I've collected some images of various celebrities, athletes, supermodels and fashion models wearing cowboy hats.

I think the mere fact Emma Watson is wearing a cowboy hat signifies it has gained a wider acceptance as a fashion item, similar to how fedoras, swisses and hamburgs are so popular right now. See Mens Hats.
Closeup photo of Lady Gaga on her way out of town with Beyonce, ala Thelma and Louise. Lady Gaga blue cowboy hat outfit by Emilie Pirlot. Make Up by Billy B. Styling by Nicola Formichetti. "Telephone" video still image.

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  1. Use a soft brush to clean the cowboy hat and gently as possible. After that, you can use a wet towel around your hat to rub in a circular and approximately the same direction.

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