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- It’s hard to suggest a really really good lipstick that’s inexpensive pa, but the lipstick is the top-selling form of makeup, so you gotta have at least one brand on your seminar. I chose this one because I use it myself because it’s comfortable to wear on the lips, and more importantly because I have allergic reactions to a lot of lipsticks and so far, this is the only inexpensive brand that I don’t react to. I just use Maybelline lipliner before and after applying this lipstick to make sure it stays long. Or I just keep reapplying.

Maybe she’s born with it, Maybe its Maybelline! lols. 
Luscious, pouty lip effect, yums. I’ve been given the opportunity to try on the lipstick at a Make Up Party held by Nuffnang and Maybelline. It was awesome, because we get to try on all Maybelline products :D But no, we don’t get to keep them all. Although I would love to have them all. A few of us bloggers were invited for the make up party. Two of them were make up reviewers/bloggers (and pros in my opinion on make up) Paint-Me-Gorgeous and Mywomenstuff.  Owh, owh, I also met Cheesie of Cheeserland aka Ringo of Malaysian Dreamgirl Finalist and also Audrey of fourfeetnine (ok, I jakun, cos i secretly stalk these girls’ blog once in a while).
Anyways, back to the party, let me show you all (okay, some of) the products that were there for our Make Up Party. Its like, whoa, such a girly party with all the make up available for us to play around and test the product. The only thing that were missing were clothes and pink walls. -_-

Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstick Pink Petal is a soft pink colour with yellow undertones to it. The shade would look flattering on both warm and cool undertones. The lipstick does not have any shimmer to it. It’s creamy, and glides on your lips like a dream.

The packaging is very pretty.

Pink Petal belongs to the pink family of the Maybelline Color Sensational range and I just LOVE it.  Infact, I found all the shades in the Pink family very pretty.

Maybelline Salsa Sun Color Sensational Lipcolor Review and Swatches

Have you experienced the joys of Maybelline Salsa Sun yet? I’m so loving on this release. Maybelline did a really nice job with the colors and it really has a great Summer-y vibe. The collection is available for a limited time and consists of a color and a lip release. My first time around with the collection I ended up having to visit a few stores to locate it as the displays were pretty picked over but I’m noticing drugstores have started restocking and putting out new displays, so if you want it, go get it now.
A few days ago I showed you a few of the Maybelline Salsa Sun Lipglosses and today I hauled out the limited edition Sensational Lipsticks released with this collection.

New Colour Alert! Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstick Review & Swatches

You know some some people love nail polish and always post swatches? I am the same about Lip Swatches. I get withdrawl symptoms if I don’t post at least one a week.

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