Red Backless Prom Dress

Red is a statement color for the strong, courageous woman who isn't afraid of life !

Dresses worn in famous movie scenes or celebrities include Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman, Jessica Simpson,

This color typifies the holiday season, and a stylish vivid scarlet evening gown is sure to brighten any New Year Ball or Christmas party!
Proud at Prom

Every young woman wants to wear an amazing first formal dress for prom night.

Stylish young woman in prom gownMost want to get themselves noticed at prom, hence the array of colors that you'll see on the night.

Whilst many girls try and look stunning, few take the time to succeed.

It's worth choosing a colored gown that will complement your hair and skin tones, and something that will make you look radiant.

If you're not sure what works well, take a friend , sister or your mom to your nearest prom shop and try on a few dresses in different colours. You'll soon get an idea of what works well for you .

The five second test is easy - when you look in the mirror, do you see you immediately see yourself or the dress.

Strangely enough, if you see the dress first, that's not what you're aiming for - you want people to see you first although, of course, you also want them to notice the dress!

Watch Alfred Angelo as he talks briefly about trends for short gowns in 2008:-

It's worth checking out on YouTube for the latest fashion trends so that you'll be right up to date with the latest looks and styles.

Red Backless Prom Dress from thailand

Red Backless Prom Dress style

Long red backless halter neck silk jersey Issa dress

Startling red silk jersey long evening gown is incredible. Dress has a deep v with ruching detail and simply fits the body to perfection from clever panelling work and falls to the floor. A perfect evening gown designed by Issa. Not a bad idea because when you find that twist or drape that understands your curves the rest will easily follow. Length of dress approx Wear with a pair of killer heels and a clutch bag this season.

If you want something a little bit special for your wedding day, then consider adding touches or embellishments in red.

For something really stunning, why not have your entire dress in red?
Designer Maggie Sottero has created some inspired and stylish designs for those who desire a splash of bridal colo

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