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A dress is the first and foremost thing that gets the attention of almost every woman before any event. If you talk about prom night then of course every girl wants to look the most sensational and beautiful on her prom night and it is the night which is most awaited by all girls so they want to make it memorable in every aspect. It is the night for which girls start planning much earlier, color design, material and of course accessories. But what if you spend a lot of money and energy on preparation of the prom night and at the end the dress does not look nice on you on the final day!

Actually it happens when you see a particular design on a modal in a magazine or your friend wearing the same cut once and you desired to get the same dress without considering your own shape.

It is very important to know about your body type and dress according to that. There are different types of body girls have for example pear shape, apple shape, round, rectangle or hourglass.

You should try to get the dress according to that. Find on the internet, you will get to know better designs for your body type.

Height is another(a) point to keep in mind before selecting your dress; long dresses do not look nice on short girls; these dresses overwhelm the body; petite girls can cover their trouble by wearing short dress and showing some of their body.

Tall girls can balance their height by wearing light colours like beige, gold and grey. If you have fat body, you can cover your bulges by wearing dark colours like black, navy blue or purple.

One thing is very important that mostly girls forget and that is their skin tone; do non go for a color just because it is in fashion or your favorite super modal was wearing that color in a picture; go for the color that suits you.

Ask your mother or a friend, they would suggest you that which color make you look more beautiful. Therefore selecting the right color is also important to make you look perfect on the prom night.

These were some points to keep in mind before buying a dress for the prom night; you can look beautiful and much sexier on your prom night by following these simple things; now look at your body and skin color and start preparing for your prom night.

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