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Exclusive Interior Style in Thailand

Inspiration for home interior design can be found anywhere and everywhere. With the advent of the internet, this has made viewing different styles and cultural decorations even more easier. The pictures below will hopefully provide you with both visual enjoyment and a jumping board for ideas when it comes to a room or two in your own home. More often than not, just a little detail in a larger interior scheme can ignite a decor concept for a domestic living room or bedroom.

There are many reasons to re-decorate a home, one of these being reconstruction after a fire. Thankfully this is a very rare reason. However, this was the case with an old market building in the Min Buri district of Bangkok, the capital city of Thailand. The local area deteriorated after the major fire which occurred in the late 1990′s. Slums began to develop and business people moved out.

Then came along the Norwegian non-profit organisation, Tyin Tegnestue. This group consisted of five architectural students from Norway who sought to pursue humanitarian ends through architecture. Over a few years, Tyin Tegnestue managed to garner the support and funding from over 60 companies and private payers to help improve the lives of communities affected by poverty across Thailand.

Last year, the project pictured in this post, was completed. Out of the burnt out ruins of the old market came a modern library and a meeting point for the local community. Locals and tourists alike congregate to socialise, read books and generally relax in a warm and attractive interior environment.

The designers tried as best they could to keep their designs in line with the fundamental identity of the area. Materials for construction were gathered from the local region, which would appeal to the locals and also keep costs down. A nearby carpentry carried out most of the woodworking. Since it has opened, the library has been a spring board for regeneration of the surrounding area. Businesses have returned and new people have set up home nearby.

Tyin Tegnestue hope that their refurbishment of the old market will spur on the locals to do the same elsewhere. By using materials that are abundant and cheap, the Norwegians are hopeful that the people of Min Buri will act on their own initiative from within the resources available to them.

Like with these Thai townsfolk, images in magazines, on the net and on television can act as a catalyst for your own interior design endeavours. It’s always fun to take inspiration from bits and pieces we see around us and try and fit them in to our own d├ęcor schemes at home. Hopefully these wonderful pictures above will give you something to chew on.

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